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    When thinking about adding on a room in your house there are many things to consider. One of the biggest things being the cost. So if you want to know the 20x20 room addition costs, the best and most thorough thing you can do is talk to a professional to get an exact quote.

    However, we'll try and peel back the curtain here a bit to be able to give a rough idea of what it costs to get a 20x20 room addition added on in your Westminster or Denver home.


    Our staff at KA Kitchen Remodels & More have years and years of home remodeling and room addition construction experience. We could build your house from the ground up if need be, however, just adding on a room is cheaper than buying a new home or going through the hassle of selling your home an buying new one.


    When you give us a call at 303-268-3102, you will get a human being on the other end instead of a robot or call center who will answer all your questions and get your free estimate scheduled. We are here for you from design, demo, construction, and clean up. Our expert craftsmanship is well known throughout the area and we have worked hard to build a reputation of trust, integrity, and professionalism. We want to be your go to room addition contractor of choice. Take the first step today and set up a FREE at home estimate. We know you'll be glad you did.

    20x20 room addition costs westminster co

    First Things First For Room Addition Costs

    There are a few things to consider first when figuring out the cost of adding on a new addition.

    1. First of which is are you going to do the work yourself of hire a professional home remodel contractor. Now we suggest going with a professional, but you can do it yourself.
    2. Second is consider what state and city you are in. We are in Westminster, Colorado and will give ballpark and average pricing of the costs here, but the best way to find out exact costs, give us a call at 303-268-3102 to set up a FREE estimate.
    3. Lastly, think about how you'd like the design of the new room to be? The more complex in the addition, the more expensive it could be. Also the amount of additional lighting, fixtures, flooring, and other room choices will make the costs differ.

    Fill out the form below to get in contact with us to schedule your FREE at home quote, or read on below for costs information.


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    To start with, let's go over the national average for a new room addition costs. Keep in mind these are averages. Different contractors are going to charge different prices for labor, and materials costs will differ depending on many different factors. However, the breakdown of national average costs are as follows.

    • Average overall cost for 20x20 room addition = $65,000
    • However, range that most homeowners can plan on spending on a 20x20 room addition = $42,000 - $88,000
    • This breaks down to $80 - $200 a square foot for a new room addition.
    • Extreme low end costs can be as low as $15,000 
    • Extreme high end costs can be as high as $200,000

    And we can actually just do the labor in your new room addition project and advise you on where to get the materials for a good price. This can help save some costs sometimes as well.


    Expert Construction Company

    When you hire us at KA Kitchen Remodels and More for your new room addition, you can know you have hired an expert team that works diligently to:

    • Actively listen to what you want one
    • Answer all your questions before the project starts
    • Communicate with you throughout the entirety of the project
    • Finish the project on time and on budget as best we can and if anything changes, we communicate with you
    • Show up on time
    • Clean up and leave your property in bettter condition than we found it


    Locally Owned, Locally Loved

    We absolutely love assisting our friends and neighbors in Westminter with their room addition projects. Whether it's a new bedroom, living room, office space, we can take care of everything from pulling permits to demo and clean up. It is our pleasure to serve the great people of Westminster and the greater metro Denver area. We have been doing it for years and we will continue to do it for many more years to come!

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