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    A way to get some extra space for your growing family that does not include selling your home and buying a bigger one is to add on to your current home with a room addition. There are many different types of rooms you can add on to your home. We can help you add on a single room, multiple rooms, or add more space to an existing room. We can help you pop the top of your Westminster home changing it from a 1 story to a 2 story home if there isn't room to expand in other directions.


    And we don't just do new bedroom additions. We can build you a new office or den area, or add in that 3 or 4 season porch you always wanted to be able to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible all throughout the year in our gorgeous Colorado weather. Although we'd recommend not putting in a sunroom addition if you are wanting to have it have plumbing, showers, tubs, heating or air conditioning. All options that could be located in an actual room addition project.


    Adding in a room is a great option for any extra space needs you have. It's not a full home remodel, however, it can suit many home owners needs for both extra sq footage space and costs savings. When you are looking for an excellent room addition contractor to help with your addition project, give us a call at KA Kitchen Remodels and More at 303-268-3102 for your free at home consultation.



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    KA Kitchen Remodels and More are your full service room addition contractor

    From start to finish, we assist you with the designing of your new room addition through all the construction phases until completion. When looking for a qualified room addition builder, make sure you consider the following factors.
    • Ask for completed photos of previous work done by the contractor.
    • Do they answer their phones? Or call you back shortly after you leave them a message? 
    • Make sure you go with a contractor that is insured. 
    • Go with someone that is effective at communication timelines, budgets, and any changes to any of the project. 
    • Pay attention if they show up when they say they will for consultation and any initial meetings. 
    • Get references if possible. 
    • Go for multiple bids. Don't just go with the first contractor you talk with. Get at least three bids and you'll notice who rises to the top of your list. 
    • Don't go with the cheapest option. You typically get what you pay for. 

    Is a room addition worth it?

    While contemplating if a room addition is right for you and your home, you may ask is it worth it? And our answer for a few reasons is, yes! First of all, it will add value to your home. It will give you more sq footage space for your family without having to sell your current home and buy a bigger one. You get the option to have a hand in the design work so you get what you want with your new room addition.
    The costs to add on a room in your Westminster CO home can vary by what you want done, but here is a rough idea of how much it costs to have a room addition done at your home. If you are thinking of adding on a 20x20 room, you can expect to pay on average $65,000. But most will spend between $42,000-$88,000. Even with this large amount of money to put up for a room addition, it is definitely cheaper than buying a new house for some more space.
    If you don't need that much space as our example shows of 20x20, you can always do a smaller room and the up front costs will be much lower. For example, a 12x12 room can run from $12,000-$22,000. So it all depends on what size room addition you are wanting to add. To get an exact quote on what your room addition project will cost, fill out the contact form below and one of our knowledgeable staff will contact you to learn more about your project and set up a time for us to come out and give a quote.