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    When looking for the top bathroom contractor in Westminster and surrounding areas, you can trust KA Kitchen Remodels and More to help you go from point A to point B with point B being a completely renovated and redone bathroom.


    Right up there with the importance of having an updated and renovated kitchen is having an updated and remodeled bathroom. If we spend the most time in the home in the kitchen, it makes sense that kitchen remodels are the most popular home renovation projects. And though we may not spend the 2nd most time in the bathroom, bathroom remodel projects are high on the list of homeowners making updates. Adding in an updated bathroom is one the most value add project you can do in your home along with kitchen updating. So with this much on the line, you want the best bathroom contractor in Westminster, CO.


    Benefits of having an updated bathroom other than the look and feel is it makes sure it is safe from any moisture intrusion (since it's a main area for water use), it adds value to your home, and gives you updated space for what fits your needs.


    Our bathroom remodel experts are here to help create a new and beautiful updated bathroom space in your home. With years of experience and many satisfied customers, we are the top bathroom contractor in Westminster, CO.

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    Is remodeling your bathroom worth it?

    So, is having your bathroom redone worth it? And about what will it cost? KA Kitchen Remodels and More is here to answer those and all your questions about having your bathroom redone. So, first question. Is it worth it and does it add value to your home? And the answers to both of those questions is a resounding yes! It is worth it because it will add value to your home. It also is worth it because it will give you a nice new clean bathroom space to live in and use while in your home. It can give you more of what you are looking for in your bathroom spaces like more counter space, new lighting, added sink space, new shower or tub, and nice new flooring. All of these things make for a more pleasant bathroom experience in your home.


    And what are the costs? You're looking at spending an estimated $20,000 for a mid range bathroom remodel and up to $65,000+ for an upscale bathroom renovation. And the recoup costs of what you will spend vs. the value added is around 67% for mid range remodels and 60% for upscale.

    Obviously, the amounts will vary on what you are looking to have done and if you only would do a couple updates, the cost will not get up to even to lower number here. So no need to wait to do everything at once if your budget does not allow. You can knock each one out when able and the first step to doing so is to fill out the form below to contact us for your free estimate today!


    What's replaced or updated in a bathroom remodel

    Demolition and tear out
    Plumbing and electrical
    Replace any windows and doors
    Custom Shower Pans
    Bath tub (if needed)
    Install back splash
    Replace fixtures and hardware
    Install flooring
    We can help you do all the of the above for a complete bathroom remodel. Or if you only want one or two of these done, we can help with that as well. We understand that you may also want or need to do your bathroom renovation in stages, and we work with you on what you are looking to accomplish. It's your bathroom project, and we're here to serve you!
    bathroom renovation westminster co

    Reasons to remodel your bathroom

    There are many reasons why someone may want to take the time, money, and effort to have your bathroom remodeled. You may want to make the change because you simply can not stand the old bathroom. You may be thinking of selling your home and by remodeling your bathroom and kitchen, can help add some overall value to your home. Some other reasons could be not having enough storage in your current bathroom, or having insufficient lighting. And of course we can not forget the need for more counter space or two sinks if you share the bathroom. Whatever your reason is for thinking about getting a new and updated bathroom, we can help answer any questions you have and get you a quote. Simply click the call now button below to speak to our knowledgeable and professional team!