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    Adding an extra living space is a creative and cost-effective way to increase the value of your property. However, this goes beyond just financial value. Room addition gives you the opportunity for added living space, extra storage, and an area to relax or entertain your guests. At KA Kitchen Remodels & More, we specialize in building custom room additions and garage conversions that will improve the look and feel of any space.

    Whether you want to create an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) in the backyard, remodel a garage conversion, or build an extension to your house, we have you covered. With years of experience and expertise, our home remodelers Westminster can help you create a beautiful and functional addition that meets your needs.

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    What Are Room Additions?

    When your current living space starts feeling cramped, or your family's needs change, the thought of moving to a new house might cross your mind.


    A room addition, also known as a home addition, is the process of adding new living space to your existing home. It involves constructing an entirely new room or structure, seamlessly integrated with the existing architecture, to fulfill lifestyle needs.

    Room additions can range from a simple extra bedroom to more elaborate projects like expanding the kitchen or adding a home office, gym, or entertainment room.

    Types Of Room Additions In Westminster, CO.

    Room additions come in various forms, each catering to different needs and preferences. Most common home additions include;

    • Bump-outs - These involve extending the footprint of a room, typically on the ground floor. Bump-outs are ideal for expanding kitchens and dining areas.
    • Sunrooms - Sunrooms are versatile spaces that provide ample natural light and a connection to the outdoors. They can serve as relaxation areas, home offices, or even indoor gardens.
    • Second-story additions - When ground space is limited, adding a second story can significantly increase your home's square footage. Second-story additions are commonly used for bedrooms, bathrooms, or additional living spaces.
    • Garage conversions - Converting a garage into a livable space is a practical solution for gaining extra room. It's perfect for creating a guest suite, home gym, or entertainment room.
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    Why Consider Adding An Extra Room To Your Home?

    Room additions offer several benefits, making them popular for homeowners looking to enhance their living spaces. Some of these include;

    Increased space.

    The most obvious benefit is the additional space you gain, providing room for a growing family, accommodating guests, or creating specialized areas for hobbies and activities.

    Enhanced functionality.

    A room addition allows you to tailor your living space to your specific needs. Whether it's a dedicated home office, a playroom for the kids, or a luxurious master suite, you can design the space according to your lifestyle.

    Avoiding moving hassles.

    Moving to a new house can be time-consuming, stressful, and costly. Room additions in Westminster allow you to stay in your familiar neighborhood and avoid the disruption of moving to a bigger home.

    With a room addition, you can design a space that reflects your style and preferences, ensuring it blends seamlessly with your existing home. At AK Kitchen Remodels & More, we understand the importance of room additions and will work with you to create a space that meets all your needs. Call us today at (303) 268 - 3102 for a free quote and estimate.

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